Who Gets Paid First?: Creditor Priority in Bankruptcy

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, they may want to give certain creditors priority of payment. However, priority is a complicated issue in these proceedings. In many situations, a debtor will have little to no say about which creditor is given priority during repayment or after liquidation. In these situations, it is often the decision of the court to determine who gets paid first.

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Order of Payment in Bankruptcy

There are some situations in which a debtor may feel especially obligated to a creditor or may see a benefit in paying that party off first during bankruptcy proceedings. However, the debtor doesn’t generally have the ability to choose the order in which creditors will be paid during these proceedings. Instead, priority is generally given to the following:

Tax agencies
Employees owed wages
People owed child support

Other than these prioritized groups, there is often little that a debtor can do to direct how their bankruptcy repayment or liquidation is settled.
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