What Is a Notice of Chapter 13 Case?

A debtor in Chapter 13 bankruptcy will receive a special notice from the court after they file for bankruptcy protection. Known as a Notice of Chapter 13 Case, this document contains important information gathered from the debtor’s filing that is sent out to both debtor and creditors. This information gives an overview of the case, as well as providing creditors with the opportunity to file their own objections.

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What Can Be Found in a Notice of Chapter 13 Case?

Chapter 13 notices are given to the debtor and creditor, in part, to establish the details of a bankruptcy for all parties involved. Debtors can review their information to ensure that the court did not make clerical errors, while creditors should use these notices as their first opportunity to challenge bankruptcy claims.

These notices include the following information:

Facts and figures about the case
An overview of the submitted repayment plan
When creditors should meet
When creditors need to file their objections to the plan
When the confirmation hearing for the case is set

A debtor should carefully review this information before bankruptcy proceedings continue, as any errors by the court may influence their case dramatically.
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If you have are struggling to remain afloat, financially, bankruptcy may offer a viable solution to this difficulty. To learn more, contact the Joliet Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Stuart B. Handelman at 815-722-2201 today.

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