Non-Bankruptcy Options

If you do not wish to file a bankruptcy and/or bankruptcy is not the best option for you – we will look to other options to address your debt, including debt settlement & debt negotiation. We can work with a creditor or creditors to negotiate a debt settlement. Creditors often accept a negotiated payment amount – that is significantly less than the balance owed (via a lump sum payment or short repayment schedule) as settlement of the account. The account is then considered legally paid-in-full for less than the full balance.

There are several different arrangements we can use when attempting to work with your creditors:

Lump-sum settlement: if you have access to a lump sum of money, we can negotiate a settlement of the account for less than the balance owed. The settlement amount does not necessarily have to be paid in one lump sum – it can often be broken down into a few payments.

Adjustment of Terms: we can work with the creditor to adjust the terms of the account – for example: eliminate or lower interest rate, eliminate the past late charges or over the limit fees. The changed terms can be permanent or temporary.

Forbearance program: we can work with the creditor(s) to see if they will temporarily reduce or delay payments to give you time to get into a stronger financial position.

Free Consultation with a Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm

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