Credit Repair in Chicago

Nowadays, most people are using credit cards for their purchases.  Unfortunately, credit cards have high interest rates, and therefore, it becomes very easy for your debt to become out of control.  If your credit card debt is too high for you to handle, you need to contact one of our attorneys who can talk about filing for bankruptcy to end your debt.

Filing for bankruptcy to address your credit card debt is a great solution for many people.  Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are both options that our attorneys can discuss with you.  With a Chapter 7, you might be able to get rid of all of your credit card debt.  With a Chapter 13, you are able to consolidate your debt and establish a payment plan that typically requires that you only pay back a portion of your debt.  This will generally be interest free and over a span of 3-5 years.

Bankruptcy laws have become stricter and there is a new law that says if you default on one of your credit cards, then your other credit card companies will need notification and they will raise your interest rates and the amount of your minimum payment.  This has made things extremely difficult for people who are now having unmanageable debt.

Free Consultation with a Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you are having credit trouble and are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you will need to contact our expert attorneys to find out what options are available to you.  For more information about your legal options, contact a Chicago bankruptcy attorney at the Law Offices of Stuart B. Handelman by calling 312-360-0500.