Eliminate Stress & Start Fresh!

Many people delay seeking help from a bankruptcy lawyer. During that time, people WASTE precious time & money while they struggle to pay their debts. Often clients will tell us that they have:

  • Borrowed money from family & friends
  • Withdrawn important funds from their 401(K)
  • Taken out high interest loans from payday loan companies.

After taking these actions, they quickly find out it has not made a meaningful impact on their debt situation…. However, there are many effective options available to you. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you understand and evaluate these options. We will help you get CONTROL of your finances so you can move forward with your life!


  • Living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Receiving harassing phone calls from bill collectors?
  • Paying the interest & watching the principle continue to grow?
  • Feeling like you can barely keep your head above-water?
  • Having difficulty sleeping because of the strain of debt?
  • Constantly worried about how you will pay your debts?
  • Afraid that any unanticipated expense will cause financial disaster?
  • Unable to save or get ahead because of your debts?
  • Tired of the constant struggle?


  • Been served with a summons?
  • Been struggling with your debt for too long?
  • Received a garnishment threat?

At the Law Offices of Stuart B. Handelman P.C., we’ll help you get back on track to your path to financial freedom. We have a proven record of successfully addressing our clients’ financial problems.

By consulting with of one our three experienced attorneys, you are taking the FIRST STEP to get control of your life & your finances! During our free, confidential consultation, an attorney will evaluate your financial situation and discuss a RANGE OF OPTIONS – both bankruptcy & non-bankruptcy – to effectively address your situation. We will provide you with:

  • Your options – based on your specific financial situation
  • The benefits
  • Any risks
  • The fees & costs involved
  • The process – from start to finish

We do not file bankruptcies for everyone who meets with us because bankruptcy is not always the best option to address a debt crisis! Bankruptcy should be taken seriously and should be used when necessary & when it is the most effective option.

Free Consultation with a Chicago Bankruptcy Law Firm

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