Is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing Right For Me?

There are millions of Americans who have filed for Chapter 7 and it has given them a life that is free from debt.  However, Chapter 7 is not the best solution for everyone.  In order to use Chapter 7, you need to pass a means test, which is an assessment used in the bankruptcy process that looks at your income.  If you meet the criteria of the test, then chances are you are a good candidate for Chapter 7.  If you have little or no income, are unable to work, have lost your job, live from paycheck to paycheck, have extreme credit card debt, or excessive medical expenses, then you should contact our expert bankruptcy attorneys today and we can help you determine if this is the best debt solution for you.

Many people are very concerned that they will lose all of their possession if they file for Chapter 7.  If you file for Chapter 7, your non-exempt assets will be given to a trustee who will liquate the assets to pay your creditors.  When your creditors are paid back, then your debts are settled and you are no longer accountable to them.  This does not mean that all of your possessions will be lost however, since Illinois has a list of exemptions, and our lawyers will guide you through this process and help you to understand which of your possessions fall into the exempt list.

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